We get asked a lot of questions every day. Here are the top all-time most frequently asked ones. Of course we get asked other things as well. If your curiosity is not quite satisfied after reviewing these, please get in touch with us. We would love to have a chance to assist you.

What is included for free?

All of our basic services are available to every client and they are free (as long as you are paying 10 or less individuals). This includes all payroll processing, direct deposits to employees if using your own bank (you can also opt to use paper checks instead), tax calculations and forms, vacation tracking, outside software integrations, human resource functions, extensive reporting options, unlimited live customer service and support, and much more! There are two optional paid services if you choose to use them. If you prefer that we deposit and file all of your payroll taxes rather than doing it yourself with the tools we give you for free in the software, we can take care of that for you with our Payroll Tax Service. Also, if you prefer to use our bank to transfer direct deposit funds to your employees rather than your own bank (don’t forget you can also print checks if you prefer), we can do that for you with our Direct Deposit Service. All in all, the most you will ever pay us for both services is $40 per month.

Can I pay 1099 contractors?

Yes! You can have either W-2 employees, 1099 contractors, or a combination of both. Appropriate year-end tax forms are included for all.

Do you integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes! You can export your payroll information into QuickBooks, or many other common accounting packages. We also give you the ability to import or export data to other outside software or companies, such as banks, benefit companies, and many more.

How can I be sure that my information is secure?

Payroll4Free.com uses 2048 bit SSL encryption for communication of information (higher than most other companies). We use the Amazon Cloud to store all encrypted client data. Our software also requires the download of a small browser extension, so you do not have to rely on web browser security, including saved passwords and form data.

Can I import my payroll information from a time clock?

Yes! We can set up an import of your employees’ pay details from any time clock software that allows data export.

Can I set up 401K deductions and contributions?

Yes! You can set up any kind of an earning, deduction, benefit, or contribution. They can be simple rates or complicated things (like garnishments that depend on the net pay). Once you specify how the item should be calculated, Payroll4Free.com software will always get it right on each employee’s check. There is no need for manually figuring anything out.

Can I use a Mac to access your software?

Yes! As long as you are running Windows on your Mac. Any device with access to a Windows operating system is compatible with our software.

Can I print checks from your software?

Yes! You can choose to print checks for any employee or contractor at any time, even if they are usually paid by direct deposit. We can set up the software to print any data that you would like to be displayed on the stub for your employees’ information.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is in Beachwood, Ohio. That is a small suburb of Cleveland. Most of our employees work out of this main office, but some work from their own homes. In case you give us a call, you will be happy to know that everyone at Payroll4Free.com speaks perfect English, and some of us also speak a second language.

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