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Payroll4Free is not only free; it is a great service that delivers what it promises. You can count on them for a great experience.

Simon Daher | Simon’s Auto Service, Cleveland Hts., Ohio

We recently signed up with Payroll4Free, and have been very impressed with their level of professionalism and ease of customer service. John has been absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s walked us through the entire onboarding process, explained in detail everything that needed to transpire, and in short made the transition seamless. And to think it is free, you can’t get a better deal!

David Hunt | CEO, Allegra Brands (Greyhunt Holdings), Lake Forest, IL

As a recent client of Payroll4free I must say I am extremely impressed. I have received excellent service and have had my payroll processed in a timely manner with no hassle. P4F has been exceptional to deal with and helped me along with establishing my account. Best of all I have saved $100+ per month over what I was paying the competition for the exact same service. I am 100% satisfied, happy I switched and would highly recommend Payroll4free to anyone.

Peter Frank | Peter Frank Insurance Agency Waxhaw, NC

We have been using Payroll4Free for several months now. They have gone out of their way on several instances to accommodate our needs. We are very pleased with them and would recommend any small business to do the same.

Diane Kavali | Manager of Accounting, Belenky, Inc., Akron, Ohio

I am so grateful for being told about Payroll4free. It's too good to be true, they take care of every aspect of your payroll. Payroll4free is there guiding you every step of the way. Why pay a company or waste your precious time to do your payroll. With Payroll4free it's all free with top notch service.

Idy Parnes | Soft by Nature Chestnut Ridge, NY

I have used Payroll4Free since the first pay period in January 2013. I am 200% satisfied, and must say that I have never used a better payroll service. My initial reaction after receiving their promotional card in the mail was ‘This must be a hoax, because there is no free lunch.’ I am very, very happy I called them. I’ve recommended Payroll4Free to all my small business clients.

Ed DeGraffinried, MBA | Accurate Tax Services, Ltd., Garfield Hts., Ohio

Payroll4Free has excellent customer service and, most importantly, they deliver on time. There are no charges or hidden fees. I highly recommend their services.

Denise Bryson | Manager of Operations, Best Transportation Service, Cleveland Hts., Ohio

I must admit at first I was skeptical about leaving the payroll service I had been with for nearly 20 years for a “free” payroll service. Was I wrong! I was impressed with the level of professionalism from the outset and nothing has disappointed me since making the switch. Our payroll is somewhat complex because we have 6 different locations but Payroll4Free made the process easier for us. With my previous payroll service bureau, I had to perform all kinds of calculations on the side in order to allocate wages to the different locations but now all I have to do is enter the hours and they do the rest. Amazing! I am extremely pleased with the excellent customer service I have received. I would highly recommend Payroll4Free to any small business out there.

Patrice Delligatti | Practice Manager, Allergy Diagnostic Systems Inc., Beachwood, Ohio

Have been using Payroll 4 free for six months now, very easy to use. When you need help, easy to contact. They do everything, forms, calculations etc. Don't know why anyone would pay for this service when this one is free!

Tom Meyer | Meyer Glass San Antonio, TX

You would think that the best feature of is that it’s free, but you would be wrong. The program is so user friendly and easy to use, they can compete with the most expensive payroll services out there. The people at are professionals who know what their doing, and are always there to help. The reports that I can pull up from the system, are one of the best reports I’ve seen so far. I would, without any hesitation, recommend to anyone.

Benjamin I. Schwarcz, CPA, CFE | Partner, Spitz & Greenstein CPA’s, New York, NY