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What Part of Free Don't You Understand
The initial set-up is free. Unlimited, live support for any service need is free. All payroll processing and calculations are free. Direct Deposit is free*. Completed tax forms, where applicable, and W-2's are free. All Human Resource functions, reports, and much more is free. All this and more is free for all companies with payrolls of 25 or fewer employees.

*Direct deposit is free when set up through your bank. If you prefer using's bank for your direct deposit needs, a monthly fee of $10 applies, regardless of number of direct deposits issued per month.
How We Can Provide
It Free is advertising supported, so we do receive revenue for providing your payroll service. The advertising, however, does not interfere with your work and data entry space. The ads take up a small vertical space to the right of your screen. There is no flashy video to distract you and no audio to annoy you.

In addition to that, our advertisers are under obligation to present special values offered only to users. If you click on an ad, you will get a page from the advertiser with more details. Many clients find the advertisements of great value, but you are never under any obligation to do any business with our select advertisers.

If You Grow can handle any size payroll with the most sophisticated and intricate requirements. For payrolls of 26-50 employees a low fee of $35 per payroll run will apply. For payrolls of 51-75, the fee is $70. For each additional range of up to 25 employees, an additional $35 fee applies per payroll run. All other services (direct deposit, tax services, human resources, reports, support) are still unlimited and free.