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Payroll Services offers full-featured payroll software and service
with professional support, for free! Some of the features
available to you include:

Payroll Processing

You will access your data online through our Secure Business Browser™. This gives you the ability to manage your payroll from anywhere you have access to an internet connection.


You can manually enter the hours worked for each employee in each payroll run. You can default the number of hours and only make changes to the employees whose hours vary.

Time Clock

You can import data from your time clock and all of the hours for every employee
will be filled in automatically.

Paying Employees

You have the option to give your employees paper checks, or offer them the convenience of direct deposit. You can also combine both options, depending on your individual needs.

Paper Checks

When you use this option you have the ability to print paper checks yourself directly from the software at anytime. You can use either preprinted or blank check stock, and your pay stub can be customized to include any data you need.

Direct Deposit

Many employees prefer the convenience of direct deposit. It saves time and trips to the bank. It also gives them an option to deposit their pay into several bank accounts. When you set up direct deposit* as an option, you can easily switch to printing paper checks at any time.

Management Tools gives you peace of mind by taking care of your
other payroll management functions.

Taxes and Deductions

You can rest assured that all of your taxes and deductions are calculated correctly. Most tax forms are completed automatically and can be printed or filed electronically with the appropriate agencies. If you prefer not to do that yourself, can complete all of your payroll tax filings and deposits on your behalf for a small monthly fee**.

General Ledger

Your payroll data is easily exported into your accounting software, saving
you manual data entry. even takes care of accruals for you!


You have a large variety of reports available to you at any time you want.
You can also access copies of tax forms that have been filed on your behalf by W-2's are also available so that you can view or print additional
copies if you need to.

Time Accruals

You have the ability to track the accrued time for your employees, as well
as display that information on each pay stub.

Other Services

We want managing your payroll to be simple and effortless, therefore
we provide you with additional personalized services that you will find valuable.


We have a great, knowledgeable team here at Any time you need help, whether you have a question or comment, there is someone here to assist you. We offer live help over the phone or online.

Human Resources gives you the ability to track job applicants and resumes, employee reviews, wage and salary changes, continuing education requirements, and much more.
*Direct deposit is free when set up through your bank. If you prefer using's bank for your direct deposit needs, a monthly fee of $10 applies, regardless of number of direct deposits issued per month.

**If you subscribe to Payroll Tax Services then will complete all payroll tax filings and deposits on your behalf for a monthly fee of $10. There is no charge if you prefer to make your own deposits and mail or electronically file the completed forms on your own.