Your Best Choice
You have to choose one of two options for your payroll needs: either use in-house software, or take advantage of a payroll service.

In-house software may turn out to be a lot less than you bargained for. Even if the initial cost seems inexpensive, many have found the flexibility to be less than desired, and the costs of support and required annual updates really add up. The complex tax responsibilities can also be very daunting.

There are a number of payroll service companies from which to choose, and some (but certainly not all) do a relatively good job. However, the costs can be overwhelming. With per payroll processing fees and charges for all additional services, such as W-2's, human resource functions, custom reporting, unlimited support, and more, you can expect to pay $1,200 or more per year.

But with you get the very best quality, flexibility to meet your company's specific needs, great and timely live support, and a host of features, some of which you won't find with any other service. If you run a small business (25 or fewer employees), the cost is absolutely free. And should you grow to exceed 25 employees, the small fees still make the lowest cost option available.